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Abraham's Search for God

Illustrated by Natascia Ugliano
KarBen/Lerner, Ages 4 to 10
ISBN: 978-1-58013-243-5                  

"Who made the clouds?' Abraham asks. "Who made the flowers?" Even as a child, he knows there must be something greater than idols of clay and stone. As he observes and questions the world around him, Abraham comes to the conclusion that there is only one God. A creative midrash about the father of the world's religions.

2008 Notable Book for Younger Readers,
Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee

A PJ Library Selection

Accelerated Reader Quiz No. 118726

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Jewish Children's Books -- Abraham's Search for God

"This simply told tale is an excellent introduction to the concept of monotheism, and would be a great discussion starter for talking about God. Its neutral stance makes it useful for readers of many faiths" -- School Library Journal

"Ugliano's scenes of an ancient biblical community and one child's connection to the natural surrounding world in soft pastel/crayon tones couple the abstract concept of a universal spiritual entity with an introduction to the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A promising presentation for early childhood religious instruction." -- Kirkus Reviews

 "Young readers will find much to connect with in Abraham’s curiosity about the world as voiced in the accessible text: “Who made the clouds? Who made the flowers?... Ugliano’s stylized, playful pastels have a creamy, textured appearance, emphasizing the rich earth tones—blue, green, yellow—of the natural world that Abraham observes." -- Publisher's Weekly. Read the full review.

"Joyful images of the boy and the smiling sun, flowers, and butterflies will attract children, who will enjoy the legend of the strong child who grows up to tell others about One God and to father three great religions:Judaism, Christianity, and Islam." -- Booklist

Star "It’s filled with great examples of deductive reasoning and offers a nice way to talk about God (even for those who aren’t sure what they think of God)." -- Reading Kids are Dreaming Kids. Read the full review.

Star Bible series "happily recommend[ed]" by Vicki Streiff, InterfaithFamily.com. Read the full review.

Star "This author and illustrator offer 2 glorious books that easily allow you and your children the privilege of learning about these important spiritual ancestors. Be sure to connect their stories to modern questions and hopes while explaining their crucial importance in your faith heritage." -- Picture Book Theology, June 29, 2015. Read the full review.

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