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Benjamin and the Silver Goblet

Illustrated by Natascia Ugliano
KarBen/Lerner, Ages 5 to 9
ISBN: 978-0-8225-8757-6 (hardcover), $17.95
ISBN: 978-0-8225-8758-3 (paperback), $8.95

When drought befalls Canaan, Jacob’s sons travel to Egypt looking for food.  They do not recognize their brother Joseph, now governor of the land, who wonders whether his brothers have changed since the day they sold him into slavery. Joseph hides his silver goblet in youngest brother Benjamin’s pack as a test for his brothers. Would they abandon Benjamin, too?

Told through the eyes of young Benjamin, the story of Joseph’s test and the dramatic reunion of the brothers will capture the imagination of readers young and old.

Benjamin and the Silver Goblet is the third in a series of Bible stories including Abraham's Search for God and Sarah Laughs.

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Benjamin and the Silver Goblet Wins 2010 Sydney Taylor Honor Award for Younger Readers

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Jacqueline Jules receiving Sydney Taylor Award

Jacqueline Jules at the Sydney Taylor Awards banquet receiving Honor Award for Benjamin and the Silver Goblet

Star "A fine introduction to the biblical tale for young readers, with a strong message about the importance of forgiveness and family." -- School Library Journal.

Star "[E]xcellent and unusual re-telling of a biblical story." -- The Association of Jewish Libraries.

Star "Well paced and well told, this familiar story makes itself fresh with a folkloric feel and a satisfying ending." -- Kirkus Reviews.

Star "The text is so engaging, the characters so involving, the volume, with its three-hanky ending, is highly recommended."-- AJL Newsletter, February, March 2009. 

Star "[T]his midrashic-style tale will be enjoyed by youngsters and may well start conversations about family, siblings, and relationships." -- Chicago Jewish Star, April 2, 2009.

Star Bible series "happily recommend[ed]" by Vicki Streiff, InterfaithFamily.com. Read the full review.

Star "We see it through Benjamin's perspective, the youngest, the beloved. It was an interesting perspective, and I thought it was well done." Operation Actually Read Bible, January 21, 2010. Read the full review.

Star "This tale is a wonderful example of remorse for past mistakes and the love of a reunited family.  I highly recommend the book." Home School Book Review, January 27, 2010. Read the full review.

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