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Jewish Book Awards Finalist Medal

Never Say a Mean Word Again
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Jacqueline Jules speaking: if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Would you want super strength? Would you like to be invisible? How about super hearing or super eyesight?

Questions like these fuel my stories. It’s how I came up with the idea of super-powered purple sneakers for my character Freddie Ramos in the Zapato Power series.

While I’m writing, I’m always asking myself questions. Where does my character live? What does he look like? Who are his friends? What does he want? How can he get it?

At author visits, I enjoy asking questions and hearing students respond. What other mysteries could Freddie Ramos solve? What problems should he overcome?

All stories grow with questions. Not only do they help writers create, they help them revise. When I look over my work, I ask myself: Did I make this scene clear enough for the reader? Should I give the reader more clues before the mystery is solved? Did I say anything that might confuse my reader?

In addition to being a children’s author and poet, I am also a teacher and a librarian. I love working with students and visiting schools. My goal is to inspire students to ask themselves question after question until their imaginations are racing as fast as Freddie Ramos in his super-charged purple shoes.

Welcome to my website. I hope you will spend some time visiting my blog, learning about me and my books, and enjoying the activities and links I’ve posted. Please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts or schedule an author visit. I’d love to hear from you!