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Cover of Itzhak Perlman's Broken StringBuy from Evening Street Press Itzhak Perlman's Broken String
2016 Helen Kay Chapbook Prize Winner

"In the apocryphal story told about Yitzhak Perlman during his concert at Lincoln Center in 1995 when one of the four violin strings suddenly tore, and he proceeded to reconceive and play the entire work with three remaining strings, he said that 'sometimes it is the artist’s task to find out how much music you can make with what you have left.' If ever there were a work that explores the aftermath of loss, it is this powerful and highly original collection by Jacqueline Jules."—Myra Sklarew, Author of Lithuania: New & Selected Poems

"What plucks at the heart strings of Jacqueline Jules' intense poems of Itzhak Perlman's Broken String is a dialectic between faith and loss where science mediates. . . . The poet dares to challenge Jean-Paul Sartre on despair and suggests to the physical therapist 'better to tease a tiger/ than poke a pain.' . . . This is a smart and smarting journey through the human condition."—Karren L. Alenier, author of The Anima of Paul Bowles

"After the shock of initial loss, when grief becomes a daily companion, we must learn, as Jacqueline Jules wisely writes, to find music in our crippled instruments. Like Jean-Paul Sartre, we 'cross that cruel river'; like Isaac Newton, our personal math proves 'we are vulnerable to falling objects.'"—Kim Roberts, founding editor of Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Stronger than Cleopatra

Stronger Than Cleopatra is a poetry collection in which the reader accompanies Jacqueline Jules on a heart-wrenching journey through grief to come out on the other side, embracing a new life, one changed forever. Like an immediate close friend, the reader pads along on a trail with these thirty poems reflecting all the while on his or her own choices. Stronger than Cleopatra is published by ELJ Publications.

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Field Trip to the Museum CoverField Trip To The Museum is a thematic collection in the voice of an 18 year-old girl examining her life during weekly sessions with a psychologist. These 25 narrative poems tell the story of a young girl who travels away from self-destructive behavior to a new acceptance of herself. FIELD TRIP TO THE MUSEUM is published by Finishing Line Press. To read some of the poems and download an order form, please visit The Field Trip to the Museum blog.

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The Poetry Friday Anthology - Grades K-5Click to buy the book
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Jacqueline Jules is thrilled to have poems in The Poetry Friday Anthologies edited by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. These anthologies offer a set of 36 poems for each grade level for every week of the school year. Drawing on decades of experience in classrooms all over the world as well as volumes of academic research and writing, these books present activities that are poem-specific, skill-based, and developmentally appropriate for each weekly poem—and that connect to the Common Core standards for poetry instruction. Over 75 poets are featured in these anthologies including Jane Yolen, Margarita Engle, Nikki Grimes, J. Patrick Lewis, X.J Kennedy, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, and Eileen Spinelli.

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Running Back

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Spirit First Awards Jacqueline Jules First Place for  “To Be A Gold Droplet Floating”

To Be a Gold Droplet Floating

Jacqueline Jules Again Honored by Spirit First: Mirrored Light Wins Second Place in 2016 Poetry Contest

Mirrored Light

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