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No English

Illustrated by Amy Huntington
Mitten Press, 2007
Ages 5 to 10
ISBN: 978-1-58726-474-0 $17.95 (HC)
ISBN: 978-1-58726-566-2 $9.95 (PB)

"It bothered me like a scratchy tag at the back of my neck. How could I make friends with Blanca? She didn't understand when I talked to her."

Every time someone speaks to Blanca, the new girl from Argentina, she shakes her head and says, "No English." Second grader Diane is not sympathetic at first. She is jealous because their teacher, Mrs. Bertram, allows Blanca to draw instead of doing class work. One misunderstanding follows another until Diane feels compelled to makes things right. But how can Diane apologize when they don't speak the same language?

No English


No English Teachers Guide TEACHER'S GUIDE available here.
Forward National Literature Award - First Place Winner No English Wins 2012 Forward National Literature First Place Award
for Picture/Children's Books

No English recommended as a September Read Aloud by Reading Connection.

No English is 2010-2011 Volunteer State Book Award Nominee.

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Star "a lovely story of a cross-cultural friendship" -- Elizabeth Ward, Washington Post Book World. Read the full review.

Star "In a moving picture book, Jules explores the loneliness of an immigrant child, telling the story from the viewpoint of the child's American classmate. . . . Realistic watercolor scenes of the classroom and the schoolyard show Blanca as an unhappy outsider at first, then, later, as one of the crowd. Relayed through the insider's first-person perspective, the message about being kind to strangers is subtle but still easily understood." -- Book List.

Star "The story subtly explains how miscommunication and misunderstandings can happen on both sides, without being didactic. The watercolor pictures are realistic, offering varied facial expressions and lots of diversity in the classroom, and the pictures correlate well with the text." -- School Library Journal.

Star "This is a wonderful selection for all classrooms, especially those in which students speak different languages." -- Colorín Colorado. Read the full review.

Star "Guidance counselors, teachers, librarians, and parents could use this book as a conversation starter about acceptance and kindness to others. Recommended. -- Library Media Connection.

Star "a lovely story of how friendship can overcome the boundaries of language . . . . The text is accompanied by soft watercolor illustrations which clearly depict the students' emotions. An excellent addition to any elementary school library collection. -- Theresa Finch, Children's Literature.

Star"Recommended for libraries and schools to aid in reaching across language barriers. . . .This could be used to start class discussions about diversity and could lead to discussions on all sorts of diversity within the school and community." -- Tasha Saecker, Kids Lit. Read the full review.

Star "Jacqueline Jules' newest picture book, No English, is a must for young readers. . . . Once again Jules has told a story in simple terms that has profound meaning." -- Janie Franz, MyShelf.com. Read the full review.

Star "This gentle story succeeds in showing that there is much for children coming from other countries to get used to in
school . . . ." -- Aline Pereira, papertigers.org. Read the full review.

Star "The story struck a cord with me . . . ." -- Mary Ann Zehr, Education Week. More...

Star "The story is especially strong in its portrayal of two youngsters being curious about, and helping, one another rather than showing the child of the dominant culture being the only one to provide assistance." -- Mary Quattlebaum, Washington Parent. More...

Star "The story is about how one student reached out to [a new girl in school from Argentina who does not yet speak English] and helped her to feel welcome despite the language barrier. . . . This story reflects the reality of American public schools in two ways . . . ." -- bookblips22.blogspot.com.

Star "A useful resource in the classroom to help introduce those from different cultures it has lovely watercolours and explicit facial expressions." -- Writer and Dreamer at work.

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